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IT Infrastructure Services

Operational excellence and resilience are unsaid expectations from any IT infrastructure. The current business enterprises embraces the digital world and expects its IT infrastructure to be robust yet agile enough to incorporate changes that cater to the market and technology upgrades, at reduced costs. The ability to transform quickly while aligning to larger business goals is of paramount importance.

Besides, running in an ‘always-on-always-available’ mode, clients expect a high degree of predictability in the operational aspect of their IT infrastructure. Embracing automation and open compute is the need of the hour to help realize high returns on mission-critical IT investments.

Our infrastructure services help enterprises design, build, run, and manage their IT infrastructure services in an agile manner that allows for better integration with the existing processes and operations at optimum costs.

Dedicated Servers

Renting Servers

Desktop Server

Data Center Services

Data centers are the foundation where all initiatives that drive business agility and innovation are built upon. Today, enterprise data centers go beyond the usual task of keeping core IT operations running and are paramount to ensuring the success of every transformational IT project. As a result, there is constant demand for greater flexibility, improved asset utilization, and cost-efficiency.

Structure cabling (fiber optics)

For the utmost in communication quality in channels ranging from voice to video, and applications such as high speed internet access, fiber optic cabling is a proven solution with many cost saving and performance benefits. But to deploy or upgrade a fiber optic cabling system requires certain expertise to ensure a scalable and flexible communications infrastructure that guarantees speed and reliability.

Consider the performance, efficiency and TCO advantages of a passive optical network, or PON, a point-to-multipoint, fiber-to-the-user network architecture that employs unpowered optical splitters that enable a single strand of singlemode optical fiber to serve multiple users, reducing the amount of physical cable and active equipment in an installation.

We also provide assessment, design, and consulting services around fiber optic cabling, because the technology continues to shift and advance, and we will work with you to determine if fiber optic cabling is right for you.

Data Networking Design Services

Data Networking Assessment Services.

  • Thorough audit and assessment of your network
  • Baseline for network performance
  • Recommendations that maximize availability and performance

Data Network Software Upgrade Services

  • Optimal treatment for data traffic and devices
  • Upgrades for Avaya Core devices with the latest software

Data Center Architecture & Solution Services

  • Report to identify and address network architecture gaps
  • Recommendations and roadmaps to meet long- and short-term requirements

Low voltage Installation

All Covered has designed and built more than 20,000 networks for organizations that have simple, moderately complicated or extremely complicated computer-networking needs. Our network designs take into account when, where and how your organization uses information in order to create a network that will support your users' computing needs.

With our Network Design Services, we’ll design and build a secure and streamlined network that will guarantee all of your organization's IT users have easy access to network resources such as printers and servers.

Our IT Consulting & Projects Services are just one aspect of our comprehensive IT offerings, including Cloud Services, Managed IT Services, IT Security Services and Software and Applications Services. Combined, they clearly demonstrate our expertise and commitment to your business’s infrastructure.

Organizations of all sizes depend on IT infrastructure to support their computing needs, so a reliable network that ensures connectivity and availability is crucial. With network design from All Covered, the IT Services division of Konica Minolta, your network resources will always be available.